Dota 2: Outworld Devourer Hero Guide

Over the past few patches, this hero has experienced several ups and nerfs. Now, he is back in meta and takes a worthy place in the top of heroes in the percentage of victories. He is very strong both in mid-light and in the light line. He practically does not need help, as any gang of Outworld Devourer can stop with Astral Imprisonment, hiding himself or his opponent for as long as 4 seconds. The same skill allows you to not give away enemy Rage creeps and prevent the enemy from farming on the line. As soon as you see that the creeps do not have enough health, immediately hide the enemy and he will not be able to finish them off. A little practice in the use of Dota hero abilities and you will win on the MIDA in most cases. Learn more to succeed in Dota 2 gambling.

Key Things You Need to Know

Almost all the tactics for early and middle game are built from Astral Imprisonment, since you can throw a lot of interesting abilities under it, for example Arrow Mirana, Torrent Kunkka, Smoke Screen Riki and others. The enemy will stay in the astral exactly 4 seconds and for most players it will not be difficult to give the ability to timing. Also, if you play against a hero with a basic intelligence characteristic, then you can pump in the first skill of Arcane Orb and steal the glasses of this characteristic that he needs.

Allies and the OD itself never lack manna due to the passive ability of Essence Aura. She recovers manna as a percentage of her total stock with some probability after applying any spell. Thus, if you get an advantage at the beginning of the game, you cannot go to the base, provided that you have at least one hero with healing skills in your team.

Final Thoughts

It is worth saying that, along with OD, such characters as Kunkka, Mirana, Duzzle, Omniknight and others look great at the peak. Having a hero with healing and saving skills, you guarantee yourself an easy game with almost no trips to the fountain. Do not buy artifacts for damage, it is better to take items that will add you mobility. If you have a lot of disables in the team, then you can buy something for attack speed. Do not forget about the intellect, the more it has in OD, the more damage it does from its skills, in particular from Ultimate and Arcane Orb. So you’ll find great items like Shiva’s Guard, Scythe of Vyse, Octarine Core and more. For mobility, you can take both Blink Dagger and Force Staff. Of the intermediate items perfectly fit Drum of Endurance. Check the detailed guide on this hero here.