Stock Trading Experience of Naga Users

Online broker Naga

Naga is an online broker, focusing on social trading. Founded in 2015, the company is located in Cyprus and is administered by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Currently, the broker has more than 500,000 users who can invest in over 800 markets all over the world. By offering around 750 tradable asset classes, they cover such options as Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Futures, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the company has introduced its own cryptocurrency known as NagaCoin that remains among the highest token sales. Thus, customers can trade the asset classes, use social trading mechanisms, buy and sell real cryptocurrencies, as well as create their own crypto wallet on NAGAX. Apart from MT4 and MT5, Naga establishes their own proprietary browser-based trading platform established by TradingView that involves an AI trading assistant and themed asset management groups. To find out more details about this international broker, keep reading.

Operated Platforms and Tools

Naga has a well-developed social trading platform called Naga Trader, letting customers access experienced traders. Customers can use this resource to buy the trades of anyone they follow and make the whole process automatic is needed. Thanks to a smart leader board, traders can decide who to copy. And there is an integrated stop loss/take profit option, known as the Naga Protector, which can be used for each trade. At the same time, Naga provides an excellent mobile trading application, which can be used free of charge on iOS- and Android-based devices. As a result, trading on the go becomes quite possible.

Bears vs Bulls

Trading Features

Customers trading with the Naga broker can benefit from some extra trading features and services that can make their experience even more pleasing. These include:

  • Naga CYBO: The company offers the use of a Smart Trading Tool that allows users to find the best trading options. It is an AI-based robo-advisor for investors that helps develop a personalized investment strategy and implement it for you.
  • Naga Portfolio Investing: Naga Portfolios makes it easier for users to trade various types of assets according to one of the levels: Conservative, Moderate, Growth. Thus, users will be able to pick up the most suitable deadline for an investment: short-, mid-, and long-term.
  • Social Trading: Naga does not support auto copying done by customers, but its social trading platform encourages the communication between traders. The platform enables a news feed, market sentiment data, and a traders’ leaderboard, as well as the capability to make profit by getting copied and taking the leading position.
  • Crypto Wallet: Naga provides customers with a free crypto wallet to keep cryptocurrencies and fiat assets safely. It will be automatically connected with Naga’s social investing network.
  • NAGA Card: Naga as the best social trading platform offers users a MaterCard to link their trading account to the physical environment, with immediate withdrawals.

Trading Experience

Naga offers an amazing range of products, tools and services that will be interesting to both beginner and advanced traders and investors. While the broker’s browser-based platform is full of news, research results, education prospects, social trading, etc., there cannot be enough space for trading from the chart directly. Thanks to an excellent social trading platform, as well as its Auto Investing products such as Naga Portfolios and CYBO, online traders can benefit from the free use of a crypto wallet.

While one of the main elements of Naga offering is a social trading capability, you will benefit from excellent characteristics of copy trading. Also, there is a smart option conducted by Naga Exchange that enables unlimited and commission-free algorithm through the social media resources.

Final Verdict

Naga is well-known as a reliable company offering a vast array of tradable mechanisms and some excellent social trading options. There is a limited collection of trading platforms, but both the proprietary platform and the mobile application demonstrate high functionality. The broker is fully administered by the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF), which makes it super appealing to new or experienced traders. By mixing education for customers, news and updates portal, efficient customer support, and smart copy trading, it is not hard for them to engage new traders in the process. Naga’s revolutionary approach to the social trading strategy has provided them with someone the industry’s most sought-after rewards. With advanced innovation and customer-friendly experience as its major priorities, Naga Trader has gained the reputation as one of the most convenient and efficient social trading platforms on the modern stock trading market.