The Best Betting Strategies and Recommendations

Today, the popularity of eSports is growing every day. Bookmakers offer bold lines for many competitions. For you to be able to place bets successfully, we offer to check strategies and recommendations for e-sports bets.

  • Changes in a team. A change of member in a team in eSports has a much greater effect on the quality of the game than in any another sport. For example, if in football in most cases only the absence of key players is noticeable, then in eSports the absence of any player significantly reduces the chances of winning of the team. Players train 15 hours a day, spend a lot of time together and know tactics very well. As soon as one player drops out of a single team, there is a misunderstanding and the overall level of performance in a duel decreases. In such a situation, even an average team has good chances for winning for top players, which included some changes in the composition.
  • Preparation. For example, in football, we always watch how the club prepares for a particular match. At our disposal, there is always information about the current state of the team, which helps to draw certain conclusions for making bets. In eSports, it's not like that. Pre-match sparrings are held in a closed lobby and information about them is rarely disclosed. Thus, the player and the bookmaker have equal chances before the start of the match. However, if a player has access to any useful information that is not available to the beech, then his chances of winning increase. All this has a definite influence on the coefficient line in the bookmaker.
  • Bets on the fresh line in eSports. Often, bookmakers in eSports do not have enough information at the time of forming the line for certain events, which leads to the appearance of currency coefficients. And the run-up with the real probability of an event can be huge. An experienced bettor will certainly take advantage of this underestimation from the bookmaker. If you have an understanding of the level of performance of teams in eSports, then always watch for the emergence of a fresh line that will allow you to catch fat ratios.
  • Live-betting on eSports. Some bookies underestimate the coefficients even in such a popular sport as football. This makes especially effective bets in the live mode. If you are well-versed in eSports and can quickly analyze the changes taking place in a duel, then be sure to pay attention to the coefficients in real time.

In eSports, there is a very large number of tournaments, the victory in which for some teams does not represent special value. For other teams, after a series of failures in serious tournaments, there is no motivation to continue playing at the appropriate level. From this, it follows that before making the bet on, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the format of the competition and the current position of the teams.