What Is a Virtual Card and What Advantages Does It Have?

For simple and safe payment of various purchases on the Internet, banks offer special virtual cards. They exist and are used only online, and due to their features they are a good payment tool for the Internet. In many situations, using such cards is more convenient than using ordinary plastic or electronic wallets.

Virtual credit card is a special bank payment card designed exclusively for making payments on the Internet. A virtual card is called so because it has only the payment details necessary to make the payment, but is not issued in plastic form.

Unlike an Internet card, a virtual card is a full-fledged international bank card. Consequently, it can be used to pay in stores, as well as withdraw cash, buy tickets, and get all banking services. The main advantage of a virtual card is its reliability. According to the developers, using a virtual card will make payments on the Internet more secure. The disadvantages include the impossibility of using the card in ordinary stores and ATMs, as well as the fact that not all people are free to use Internet banking.

What Are the Pros of Using a Virtual Card?

Most often, such cards are used as a secure method of payment in online stores. Such a card is created and closed very quickly, often for free. You can create it for one operation and quickly close it after a successful payment. So, you do not risk the details of your main account. You can create several cards for different purchases at once and replenish or close them as necessary. Also, an online card is useful for payment in those online stores that do not accept electronic wallets. It can also be used for purchases on sites such as eBay, AliExpress, Amazon, etc. A virtual card will help those who prefer to use cash and electronic wallets to buy on the Internet.

How to Get a Virtual Card?

Online cards are offered by both banks and electronic payment systems and wallets. Depending on the organization, they are available to anyone, as well as to someone who already has a wallet or a regular card.

You can issue a virtual card on your own through the menu "Wallet" -> "Add card". In the card menu, you can get the details and PIN-code - they will be sent to the client on the financial phone number. For settlements in stores and institutions, the card must be added to the virtual wallet Apple Pay or Google Pay.

By the way, many banks issue cards in a virtual format: debit cards for payments and cards with the possibility of setting a credit limit. In addition, a virtual card can be issued in foreign currency. Tariffs for virtual cards are identical to tariffs for ordinary plastic cards. Learn more about virtual cards here.